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Three Major Kinds of Human Hair

Jan 22, 2019 7:25:02 PM

Do you know how many kinds of human hair? Well, okay, let me introduce three types of human hair for everyone, maybe you will get more. Those are three of the kinds of hair on the human body. Two of those, you could probably find on your body right now .The third type would be a little harder to find without some very sensitive scientific monitoring equipment and a very specific sort of volunteer.

However, here are the three major biological breakdowns of human hair:

The first one is Terminal. Terminal human hair is the kind of hair you think of when you think of hair. It's the hair you're most concerned with. It's the hair your stylist is most concerned with. It's the hair you cut and curl and mousse and gel -- but it's also the hair you occasionally shave. While most terminal hair can be found on the scalp, the term actually refers to all of the longest, thickest human hair -- including facial hair, armpit hair and public hair. Each strand of terminal hair is connected to a sebacious gland, which deposits necessary fatty oils onto it.

The second one is Vellus. Human hair is diverse; while we generally think of body hair or scalp hair when we think of hair, our bodies are actually covered in hair. Vellus hair is the "peach fuzz" that we find on much of the surface of our skin. Usually found on the face and the nape of the neck, this hair is usually no more than a couple of millimeters long. Since women and children have less terminal hair on their bodies than men, vellus hair is more visible on them.

The last one is Lanugo. Not all human hair can be found in the mirror. We all had lanugo hair at one time: When we were in the womb. Since they have no "real" hair to speak of, fetuses grow lanugo hair while in utero to keep warm. After we're born, it's replaced by vellus hair (and, after a while, terminal hair on our heads). It also appears if we ever become malnourished for an extended period of time; without fat too keep us warm, our bodies instinctively grown lanugo. What's more, we're not the only mammals with lanugo; elephants and seals have it too.

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