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Useful Information About Wigs

Mar 22, 2017 6:27:40 PM

Hair loss can be a major confidence killer, but you can change things around with the right wigs. Leicester has some stylish options for men and women who have total hair loss and even hair piece availability for people with thinning hair. To find the best fit for you, understanding the two main types of wigs will help.


When you shop for a wig or even a hairpiece, you will likely be asked whether you want one made of real human hair or one made from synthetic materials. Looking strictly at price, human hair wigs can be anywhere from five to twenty times more expensive than synthetic options. Human hair wigs are just as susceptible to environmental conditions such as smog and humidity. However, with human hair wigs, you can wash, dry and style them as you would a regular head of hair.


With synthetic wigs, they typically come in a particular style and hair colour. They are more readily available and an affordable option if you have a strict budget. The good news is that many synthetic fiber wigs are very realistic but you do have to be careful with them around extreme heat. Most, but not all, synthetic wigs can be trimmed to your desirable hair length specifications but you really need to carefully choose a specific hair style and colour because you will not be able to manipulate it as you could a human hair wig.

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