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Three Different Kinds Of Wigs Cap Construction

Aug 27, 2017 8:01:24 PM

One of the best solutions to excessive hair loss has made wigs extremely popular today. Wigs are not merely resorted to by people who face hair problems. But now they have emerged as one of the newest fashion trends too. It has become a passion among even women celebrities to adorn different kinds of wigs according to the changing fashion.


You should be well informed about the various parts of a wig. Besides the hair, the next significant part of a wig is the cap. It is the foundation of the wig and it is to this part that the hair is fixed. These caps come in different models like the standard cap, monofilament cap and cap less wigs just to name a few of them.


The standard cap wig - This is the cheapest kind in which the hair is fixed onto the cap by machine. The crown of the cap is often teased or crimped which will prevent people from guessing that you are actually wearing a wig.


Monofilament cap - This cap consists of a fine material made of nylon or polyester mesh. This looks identical to skin and shows some part of the scalp like actual hair. The result is that it emits an aura of naturality.


Capless wigs - Some wigs come without any cap at all. They are not at all heavy and come with a vertical lace instead. The advantage is that they let maximum amount of air inside which makes it extremely comfortable to wear.


Whatever the kind of wig that you purchase, remember that it has to be maintained well and it will last you around three years with proper care.

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