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The Ways To Choose Your First Wig

Dec 15, 2017 12:41:55 AM

First decide what length of hair you would like, short wigs, medium wigs, or long wigs. Our styles are listed in these categories on our website. Do you want your wig to look similar to your own hair or do you want something completely different? The second item to consider is what type of wig you prefer. There are five cap constructions on our website for people to choose.The monofilament wig has a cap that is made in such a way that gives the appearance of a natural scalp at the crown.
Monofilament wigs lay flatter than standard wig caps because there is no machine teasing at the crown.

Then you need to choose the material. We have human hair wig and synthetic wigs.

And then you need to choose the size that suit for you. We have Average size, Petite size and Small size. It's up to your head.

Give yourself the freedom to look and feel your very best. You deserve to have great hair everyday! I hope you can find the most suitable wig for you from wigsis.

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