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The Most Popular Types Of Ladies Wigs

Sep 29, 2015 7:32:04 PM

Monofilament wigs

If you have already started your search for wigs, you will probably have come across the term 'monofilament-top' wigs. The base of a ladies wig can be made of several different types of materials. A monofilament top wig has a different type of material at the very top or scalp area of the wig. It is a fine gauze-like material which is flesh-coloured. The hair is attached using an invisible knotting technique. The ultimate effect is that hair looks like it's growing out of the scalp. So, when you wear your wig, you can part your hair any way and it will look incredibly natural. The ultimate benefit is versatility of styling and hair that looks just like your own. Mono top wigs are very popular and particularly beneficial for long-term wearers.


Suitable Long Brown Monofilament Wigs


Lace-front wigs

You might have already seen plenty of high profile figures or celebrities wearing lace front wigs - or maybe you haven't - and that is the point! Lace front wigs offer a very realistic hairline at the front. Thanks to ultra-fine lace onto which fine strands of hair are attached, the join between the wig and skin is virtually undetectable. This allows for great styling versatility e.g. hair can be worn swept back off the face. Lace front wigs are amongst the most popular and best-selling type of wig available.

Black Wavy 14" Human Lace Front Wigs


Human hair wigs

If you experience long-term hair loss, a custom-made ladies wig made from 100% human hair is worth considering. Not only can you expect a glove-like fit made to your specifications but real hair can also offer you styling flexibility and variety if you want it. With the proper care, real hair wigs last longer than ready-to-wear fibre wigs and the right choice of product can be life-changing for the wearer. The cost of a real hair wig is generally slightly higher (as real hair is in short supply) and the manufacturing process can take several weeks or months. However, a great human hair wig can not only boost your physical appearance but massively boost confidence too. Real hair wigs are very popular for those with long-term hair loss condition such as alopecia.

Brown Capless Brown Long Human Hair Wig


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