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Perfect Wigs For Cancer Patient

Feb 22, 2017 9:34:51 PM

As we all know, some people may have illness so they need to wear wig? And they are the special ones that should choose the high quality wigs. When faced with illness, feels that it is necessary for them to wear wigs. And the wigs can’t do harm to their body. What kind of wigs do they need?  Human hair wig or Synthetic one?


Before you can make a decision, you need to know the differences between the two. First of all, there are four main types of human hair that are used in quality wigs: Caucasian (also known as European), Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian. You will find that the most prevalent among these are Indian and Chinese. However the most popular is European. This is because it is stronger and lasts longer, and when you're paying for a human hair wig, longevity is what you're looking for.


When you go to purchase your wig, you will notice a huge price jump when you look at synthetic wigs versus human hair. Synthetic is decidedly the cheaper option but you need to be aware that there are several reasons why.


Synthetic hair does not take curl or blow drying. The style you buy is the style you get. You cannot dye it and it doesn't even take to cutting very nicely either. With a human hair wig, you can dye it, curl it, treat it in any way you would with your own real hair.


Of course there are drawbacks with real hair as well, it gets frizzy on humid days just like real hair (because it IS real hair) and the wig will lose its style if it gets wet. That means you need to spend a lot more time with a human hair wig styling it and shaping it in just the way you want. This might not be a bad thing, taking more time with your wig ensures that you are taking proper care of it and it will most certainly last longer.


Now you may have your own decision about choose wigs for you. Anyway choose the high quality and do really good for you!

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