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How To Wear Short Wigs

Sep 3, 2014 2:23:34 AM

How to wear short wigs if you have a long, thick hair

Well, I am a girl with long hair, I also got a lot of problems, how much I fit my hair became my the shorter ones.This is easy! And this technique can also be applied to long wigs.You need to:

A wig cap, hair tie, long thick hair and wigs.

Step 1: cooperate with your hair into a real low ponytail.Make hair close to the head, the better (that is, as much as possible), and it is too bad.Then, to the end of the ponytail, pull up in your head, like the image below.

 Step 2: now your wig cap and extend it on the basis of your ponytail, you must try your best, to ensure that the ponytail won't slip out of your head).Base ponytail to the use of the anchor, to draw the cover and all the way over your head, stretching, until the grid is in your whole face.

Step 3: the entire cover the front end, until it is about your hairline (like what do you usually do).Cover stick in your finger push any stray ponytail, hair backup to the ceiling.

Step 4: your ponytail will still be a murky condom samples under its transformation.Massage it and tried to in the whole cover evenly distributed on the hair, so there is no big bump.Dear god, do I look like a tool.

Step 5: now you can put the short human hair wigs!Do this, you will usually (turn it upside down, your forehead, first of all, all of the cheese).But you will find that the wig (i.e., over the back of your neck part) on the back of a disc, like the image below.When you pull your wig, pull the flap on the basis of your ponytail (it is still a node, you can feel it).This will help to further protect the wig to your head.After this, adjust the wig, grabbing at the front and sides, and so on.To ensure that as little as possible of your hair naturally is visible.

They're done!, of course, the end result may be different depending on how long is your hair, how small a wig, this wig is those who, when you buy the wig braid, you get, so it is bigger than general wig is a bit.However, I also tried this method has smaller BOB (short hair wigs, small cap, one of the people, said: "should be suitable for most of the size of the head."), it still works well.

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