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Oct 20, 2014 2:14:36 AM

As we all love a long, hot summer, high temperature and humidity can be really damage our crowning glory, not to mention, from swimming pool chlorine and sea salt pernicious effects.But it is not lost, you not hid this summer.Plan ahead with the skills of these convenient and take care of your lock.

Your hair is exposed to extremely high temperatures over summer, and just like how you need to keep your body hydrated, your hair benefits from this as well. Drink plenty of fluids (and no, alcohol doesn’t count), with an aim to consume at least 1.5 litres of water throughout the day. You can also purchase heat protection sprays from salons, chemist and supermarkets which are not only good for hair straightening protection, but also gives your hair a little extra helping hand when you know you’re stepping out for a long day outdoors.lace front wigs

Swimming in the sea and drying your hair in the sun while at the beach can often cause knots and frizz. Keep your locks tangle free and manageable with thorough hair conditioning. best lace wigs Choose a brand you trust, and select their conditioner for ‘Dry Hair’ which will protect your hair like a glove. You might also want to consider a further weekly deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair at its softest.

If you plan to do lots of pool swimming this summer, you can purchase top quality chlorine reduction products from your Hairdresser. These products offer clarifying benefits which help remove chlorine build up and chlorine odour and if you are blonde you can also select products which help prevent any green tinge from taking over your beautiful locks. Talk to your hairdresser and get some expert advice. It’s worth the investment.

Speaking of Human hair wigs, it is wise to keep your hair in top condition by popping in for a trim every 4-6 weeks over the course of the summer months. This will ensure that any split ends which creep up on you end up on the salon floor instead, and your hair will in turn become healthy and strong.

Yes it’s important to not only slip on a shirt, and slop on some sunscreen this summer, but also ensure you slap on a hat to protect your scalp when you’re having fun in the sun. human hair lace front wigs There’s nothing worse than an embarrassing sunburnt and peeling scalp,  so choose a stylish hat or cap and be sun smart this summer.

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