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How to dye synthetic hairpiece?

Nov 5, 2014 12:48:30 AM

Didn't you see satisfied hairpiece top closures when you shop around? The price is usually a consideration when selecting a quality hairpiece. The cheapest closures is usually of poor quality. In the middle of the price range, you should be able to pick up a quality hairpiece.

When looking for high quality top closure ,check the quality,Good quality work will have a wonderful, even latitude, which means sewing hair, evenly distributed throughout the hairpiece. Poor quality of the hair seam unevenly distributed.

Select a natural color hairpiece, because it will give you a good foundation to work. Alternatively, you can choose what you want shadow light shadow. You can not lighten the synthetic hair dark, but you can darken the light synthetic wigs.

If you are using fabric dyeing method, choose a hair piece made of nylon.

Choose the color, if you choose to do a liquid fabric dye (the Acid dye) method. There are several popular brands, can be found at the local supermarket, fabric shops, art and craft shops.

Some dyes such as Margaret hot water can really work. you will want to test to see if can stand up, the dye water temperature.synthetic lace front wigs

Fabric dye Mothod

On your gloves to protect your hands and your apron to protect your clothes. Work with the dye can be confusing.

Ready for your dye container holding a gallon of water. Pour 4 ounces of dye and water mixing.

All fabric dye package preparation instructions may not applicable here, because you are dying of synthetic hair, rather than fabric. For some dyes, however, the temperature of the water is very important.


Use hair dye mixture to ensure that it's flooded. Uniform color you want, so make sure each dye. Let soak for about 45 minutes, and then remove it.

Do not dye just yet.

The synthetic wig rinse clean thoroughly clean the water, it usually and conditions, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Squeeze excess water from the top closure hairpiece, and arrange for the shares free-flowing, let your top closures or lace frontals stand (or cans / boxes).

Check to see if it is the right shade. If this is the case, you select the style. If this is not the desired color, then repeat steps 3-6. The method of the cream-colored

Wear disposable gloves and aprons. Then, mixed in a plastic bowl cream colored developers according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Fixed wigs, wig stand or header block pin and remove tangles comb to.

Partially broken wig, starting from the top. Each piece is fixed with a plastic clip.

Using a plastic brush, the brush in the end portion of the fiber roots and cream color developer start brushing out. Began in the part of the base of the neck, remove the plastic clip as you go. This is done for every part of it in a layered, until the completion of all portions. Then run your comb hair color is evenly distributed through the optical fiber.synthetic lace wigs

Wait 10 minutes, color settings. Then, from the cream-colored hair, rinse until all faucets, but do not hand rub or tangled hair.

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