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How to Choose the Right Wigs?

Jan 27, 2019 7:01:16 PM

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of beauty is constantly deepening. Accordingly, the wig industry is also developing better and better. People have requirements for the quality, style, color and other aspects of wigs. Everyone hopes that they can have a cheap, diverse style and suitable for their own wigs. So how can we pick out a wig that suits you? Here are several steps we need to pay attention to when choosing a wig. I hope it will help you.

Firstly, you must consider the wig types. A good beginning is half the battle, as we always believe it. So the first step is critical.

There are many different types of wigs, Lace Front wigs as mentioned previously being the most popular and common. But there are a wide range of wigs for different needs from Lace Fronts and Monofilament to advanced Silicon wigs to medical grade Cranial Prosthesis wigs. Some are fully hand-tied or partially hand-tied with wefts in back. More advance wigs hairs are implanted and injected into the cap. Depending on your needs they range from necessity to luxury and they can all be ordered in different lengths, styles and colors.

Custom wigs can be created in such a way that they resemble your natural hair - making it possible even for the wearers to part hair in front and look as if the hair is growing from their scalp. They are breathable and definitely a great choice for daily and all uses.

Ready-made wigs are also very popular one size usually fitting different size heads. You can get different options with your wigs from reputable brands and hair dealers. There are also Hairline Illusion wigs, which are some of the most realistic looking wigs on the market. Alopecia wigs and natural European hair wigs are some of the other options that the market has to offer. They also have advance wigs for cancer patients that help control body temperature, protect them from the sun and keeps them looking good, even during chemotherapy and radiation sessions until the patients hair begins to grow back.

Secondly, equally important is the wig materials.

There are natural and synthetic hairs to choose from. The natural human hair comes with great benefits including the realistic look that they give. Not only this, the natural hair strands used are highly durable and last longer. They will also save you from lots of tangling and breaking issues. The materials used will however also determine the price of your wig. Real human hair fibers being more expensive than synthetic hair fibers so you will therefore, need to consider all these factors to get the best wig to fit in your budget.

After the two steps above, we need to consider the face shape.

As a rule of thumb, Wig master Egypt Lawson of Hairline Illusions mentioned that your wig style should compliment your face shape and the hair density should match your eyebrows.

Last but not the least, the comfort of the wig is essential.

You should begin by looking at the materials that have been used especially for the inner parts of the wig, which will be in direct contact with your skin. A fact taken from Egypt Lawson's blog included: Full Lace, Lace Front and Glue-less Lace Wigs are not Cranial Prosthesis and are not recommended for Cancer Patients under going Chemotherapy or people with Alopecia, with sensitive or sore scalps. Chemotherapy patients should wear cranial prosthesis. You should also find it helpful to get the right size for your head through simple measurements. It will ensure that you are comfortable at all times when wearing the wig. Breathable wigs are best for your head and for hygienic purposes.

As the saying goes, good things need to be carefully selected. After considering the aspects mentioned above, I believe it can help you have a wig that really suits you. Of course, a good store is also necessary, maybe you can consider this website: .It has a wide variety of wigs are available and can save you a lot of time. Finally, I wish you a wonderful shopping experience.

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