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Hand-tied Wigs VS Machine-made Wigs

Nov 8, 2017 9:58:51 PM

Handmade wigs involve knotting on net base hairpieces or inserting custom mould hair pieces by hand. This way of making the wigs ensures that the wigs come out as having a more random look. The look of the finished wigs also becomes more natural if this practice is followed. Although this process results in better wigs but it is very time consuming and a lot of hard work has to be put in to make them. This is the reason that hand-made wigs are more expensive than the one made by machines. Hand-made wigs also have a disadvantage that their quality depends on the skill of the craftsman. If the skill differs then the quality differs which can cause the customers to become unhappy upon finding that their purchase is of a lower quality than another's.

Machine-made wigs are ready to wear stuff. They are generally inexpensive. They can be of many types and qualities. Some of them are manufactured with a fixed hairstyle while others can be made into different styles. The wigs which are made by machines are sewn into a fixed weft. The wefts are then assembled in a bunch on an open net base. Machine- made wigs can be both, made from human hair and from synthetic material. Machine-made wigs have the advantage of flow production i.e. the items produced are identical and of the same quality. This ensures that all buyers get the same product not depending on the skill of the craftsman.

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