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Taking Caring Of Real Hair Wigs

Nov 5, 2017 10:37:17 PM

First of all, you must not wash the wig on a daily basis. During summer, make sure you are able to wear it at least six to eight times first before washing it. On the other hand, use the wig for at least fifteen times first before you wash it during winter season.


Make it a point to brush your wig all the time so that tangles would be prevented. Whenever you wash your wig, always use a mild shampoo and cold water and avoid scrubbing it. Once you are done washing it, use a towel to dry it. Alternately, you may use a dryer or hang it on a wire head. When styling your wigs, make sure to use only light hair spray and hot styling tools to avoid destroying it.


Some important tips to remember when buying real wigs is to always choose manufacturers that are well known. Doing so can help you make sure that what you get is a high quality wig. It is also advisable to buy the accessories of your wig from the same store where you bought it.


From the above suggestions, you can know the way to care for real hair wigs.

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